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Big News Coming Soon!!

Mar 14 2019

Not only am I celebrating the arrival of a new series of high quality cards, but some very special news is imminent about my painting “Still Life with Vincent”. What better way to celebrate than by posting this image of multiple cards featuring the painting?

Still Life with Vincent Multiple Cards

Happy Christmas

Dec 21 2018

We wish everyone a very happy Christmas!

And if you are still searching for that perfect gift, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

New cards now available

Dec 18 2018

Here’s a selection of my fine art cards for sale either singly in The Hugh Lane Gallery, Parnell Square, Dublin 1 or directly from my Studio / Art Gallery

My Latest Commission

Nov 08 2018

My most recent commission. Acrylic on stretched canvas , 26” x 36” , varnished.

An homage to Jim Murphy and his favourite song writers.

I composed the painting with motifs, portraits and words referring to various aspects of Jim’s career as a songwriter and his recent graduation. Each part of the painting has a special significance for Jim. I have completed many commissions for Jim and his family over the years. In fact his home is almost like a gallery devoted to my stylised work.

Lack of news

Oct 22 2018

I’m sorry.  Really sorry for not updating you on developments for so long.

It’s not that I haven’t any news. But I’ve been very busy and and neglectful of the site.

The good news is that I hope to post some updates in the very near future on all the colourful things I’ve been up to.




Vibrations Of The Soul Exhibition

Apr 16 2017

Friday, 16th September 2016

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Time: 7pm

Tickets: Free

Company: John Nolan

John Nolan is a second-generation artist. Over the past 40 years, John has established himself as an international artist whose work is characterized by his use of vibrant colour. As an artist, he has worked with fellow artists, poets, musicians, designers, on various commissioned artworks. In 2016 he started working with a fashion designer in Canada; his stylised motifs are being reproduced on their fabrics. His work is easily recognizable and is known throughout Ireland and internationally, having been exhibited in many countries as well as in the U.S

Kevin Nolan his nephew is a multi-talented artist. Both John and Kevin collaborated on a poetry book ” Vibrations of the Soul”. Kevin wrote the poems and John created the abstract paintings. This exhibition brings the paintings and the poems together in The Axis Art Centre Ballymun.